Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blog Rules

Hi. I'm Jenna Robinson. I love ASU football, hammocks, gummy bears, blankets, Parenthood, Nike Frees, MetroMint water, and holidays. My husband is Corbin Nicks Robinson. He loves cheez-its, ESPN, our stainless steal fridge,  basketball shorts, Coca-Cola, movie nights, Groupon, and the Kia Optima. Together we love date nights, traveling, going to parks, playing the "or" game, anything that involves food, pictures, slow dancing in public places at wrong times, pretending we are mom and dad with our nieces and nephews, cuddling, going to the temple, and singing really loud to each other in the car. We were married on October 11th 2012. We aren't a big deal but maybe one day we will be.

So this is our blog. It's a requirement for marriage right? We got married two weeks ago so I know we are so behind. My goal is that it will be happy, fun, and not too dysfunctional... But it's too early to make any promises. Right off the back I'm setting some things straight:

- No, I don't have a nickname for my husband. I will never call him "C," "Corbs," "CNR," or "Mr. Robinson" and I'd roll over in my grave before I referred to him as "Hubby." 
- I will not have outfit posts. This is for the following reasons:
1. I am not that flexible and I am incapable of doing that bendy-backward pose. I could try it but I'm not on husbands insurance yet. 
2. My modeling face (you all know the one I'm talking about) does not really work out in my favor. It appears more as if I am about to eat your face off or I'm trying to gaze into the cameras soul. And cameras don't have souls. And for whatever reason it's not socially acceptable to just smile in outfit posts. 
3. If I told Corbin, "Now just take a picture of my neck down. And be sure to get my cute shoes." Or asked him to take a shot as I looked off into the distance and one of me laughing at my shoes... He'd be really confused.
- The closest thing I will do to a "catch up" is doing a post about my obsession with catchup and how I dip everything in. (DISCLAIMER: I do not think it's wrong to do this... I just get anxiety and think I will forget key things)
- If I ever do (chances are I won't) post about food, you can guarantee my ingredients will not be from Spouts, farmers markets, or Whole Foods. And the definitely will not be found NEAR your "healthy eating" board on Pinterest. (I'll find a way to post pictures of my cute dishes somehow though.)
- I would do "giveaways" but I only have two things to offer. Wedding presents that came without a receipt... And leftovers.. because cooking for 2 is hard. So I'll do you a favor and just won't go there. 
-Lastly, I don't think I have the "perfect" anything. I'm not perfect. Corbin isn't perfect. (DISCLAIMER: He really is perfect for me though. And that's a fact proven by a study performed at Stanford.) My life is not perfect. My grades aren't perfect. My hair is not perfect (and when it looks like it there is a 96.7% chance my extensions are in). My "wife skills" are far from perfect. (First hint... I called them "wife skills" and not "homemaking skills"). BUT I am perfectly happy with my life. AND I'm perfectly happy trying each and everyday to improve. 

Other than those things, it's fair game! I'll do my best to portray us as we are. The good, bad, and ugly. We love our life together and everyone in it. I hope you enjoy, Meeting The Robinsons. 


  1. You guys are so cute. I guess I'm your creepy new follower:)

  2. Love it!! Can't wait for more posts!

  3. hahaha you are so cute and funny, you crack me up. count me in as a FOLLOWER of your adorable blog. <3

  4. Jenna you are the best! I love your blog rules, I get so annoyed with all the standard "mormon wife" blogs with outfit-posts about outfits that (lets get real) don't match, food that doesn't even really look that good, and stories of how absolutely perfect "the hubs" and life is. Gag.
    But really now, you and Corbin are the cutest, and it's so apparent how happy you two are together! I'm excited to 'stalk' your blog, keep it up! :)