Monday, November 12, 2012

Social Media

First of all, to state the obvious, let it be known that I love social media. All of you who know me, or those of you who don't for that matter, I know what you are thinking, "Well duh. If you had a 'I'm a mormon' slogan it would go something along the lines of 'I am Jenna (Allen) Robinson. I am a wife, I am overly obsessed with ASU football, I love social media, and I am a mormon." That being said... DISCLAIMER: I am found just as guilty as the next person when it comes to #SocialMediaProblems

Social media can have positive impacts on us and be very useful. For example:

  • We don't even need to get out of bed to know what the weather is like and what to wear that day. I mean even when I was in London for the summer I probably knew what the high was every day in Arizona thanks to social media. And it's so nice because before I go visit Utah I don't even have to look up the weather while packing. Weatherbook is the new Facebook.
  • Also, as far as politics. Who needs the news? All you have to do is read the controversial status of the day that has 79 comments of the same people arguing and making their points. No need to research before registering Republican or Democrat! 
  • Pretty soon, I might not even have to go to church because I will be able to get 3 hours worth of spiritually insights on Sundays. BONUS: and it's the good stuff only. weed out the boring thoughts.
  • Or, if you missed the new episode of Bachelorette, X-Factor, Gossip Girl, Parenthood, Breaking Bad, or Modern Family? NO WORRIES! Just check Facebook for the newest cliffhanger, Twitter for the play-by-play, and Instagram for a picture of the climax (also probably featured in the picture... the person's cute shoes, cozy blanket, and their cute Anthropology mug that they just using for the picture). And if you are lucky you might even find a whole blog post about it. Problem solved. 
  • PLUS, you don't even have to take a risk of wasting your money on date night. Just steal someone else's date that you saw they raved about the week before. Done and done.
(But for real, Social Media CAN be very useful and is a great tool available to us. BUT for even more real.... THE LENGTHS PEOPLE WILL GO FOR A PICTURE NEVER SIEZES TO AMAZE ME! And... Do people even do anything for the fun of it anymore or take a picture for the memory? Or just to post it somewhere? K I'm done.)

However social media can also have very negative effects as well. And I'm kinda embarrassed to admit I have caught myself allowing it to sometimes have a negative effect on me lately. I find myself comparing my life, my marriage, my wife skills, my family, my clothes, my goals, and everything else for that matter to others (whether its for the good or bad). It's not healthy. And I have no reason to. I have an amazing life with a husband who adores me. Yet, even though I have a husband who sleeps on the ground with me when I can't sleep at night, a husband who washes our dishes in the bathtub when our sink is broken, a husband who is loyal, patient, understanding, hardworking, and takes the role of a husband VERY seriously, I will still find myself comparing. Which makes me sick and makes me want to punch myself in both eyes because of it. People often make their lives out to be something it's not... perfect. And at the end of the day, where does that get you? Nowhere. It doesn't change the reality of it. So someone wants your life? Cool. How does that do you ANY good? That being said, I also realize people would rather reflect on the good than bad. You just have to remember that it is the case. Which I get and agree with. But we all know where to draw the line.

So I think my point is just what I wish people would remind me:

  • You are so incredibly blessed. 
  • Never compare your life to other's cause 1) that will get you nowhere 2) I'd put some serious money down that how they portray it and the reality of the situation are different 3) RED FLASHING LIGHTS AND BEEPING NOISES... it is unhealthy.
  • The grass it not greener on the other side. It's green where you water it. (Wait what? Justin Bieber reference? Uhhh just move on....)
  • Don't take social media so serious. 
So sorry if this is random. Just something I have been thinking a lot about lately. And like I said... I'm found just as guilty of some of these things and despite everything else, I really do love social media. I just had to rant. It's my blog. I do what I want. (K let's be real... I do that anyway)

Hope you enjoyed Meeting the Robinson's! 


  1. I totally agree with you!
    While technology and social media can be amazing tools for us and can be used for so much good, more and more we are seeing it be abused and used as a replacement for genuine interaction, rather than as the tool that it was made to be.
    I am guilty, too, just like you! Unfortunately, it is just too easy to just keep up with people via Facebook (etc) in our busy lives than to make a real effort to visit them or call them. It's the sad truth.
    Also, I've noticed that since sites like Facebook, people (including myself sometimes!) have stopped being happy for others' successes and happy times? Like, "Ughh! Another friend is pregnant? Seriously? This is so annoying!". Why is that annoying? Before Facebook, that was happy news.. We would congratulate them and beg to see pictures! So what's changed?
    It all comes down to just what you said - that we feel this need to compare ourselves to others. And you're right, Facebook and other social media sites are not an accurate mirror of people's real lives.
    Great blog!